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Arctic Char

Salvelinus alpinus

Also known as Omble Chevalier (France), Salmerino Artico (Italy), Goylets (Russia), Arupusuiwana (Japan), Salvelins (Spain)

  • Harvested in Iceland

  • Firm texture, pink flesh, a light delicate salmon-like flavor

  • Bake or grill, & well suited as a premium sushi

Fish have no borders in the infinite ocean and today’s seafood knows no boundaries when transported across continents and oceans to satisfy the palate of the adventurous epicurean. Such is the case of the colorful Arctic Char, who is native to the freezing cold waters of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic oceans and Alpine Lakes.

This plentiful fish was once the bounty of North Sea Vikings who raised their victory cups with a loud SKOL, boasting the distant cousin of Salmon that nourished them through long seafaring battles. Today, thanks to modern transportation, the well-travelled Arctic Char is toasted with sake cups at exclusive sushi bars around Europe and the U.S.

We import our premium Arctic Char twice weekly from the crystal clear waters of Iceland, where it’s raised on sustainable feed without antibiotics or hormones. It’s mild in taste and sweet in aroma, while nutritiously rich in Omega 3, Vitamin D, A and B12.

We raise our cups to you and Arctic Char! SKOL!

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