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Gilthead Sea Bream

Sparus aurata

Also known as Dorade Royale (US), Dorade (France), Orata (Italy), Dorada (Spain) and Cipura (Greece).

  • Harvested in Greece

  • Firm texture, moist rosy flesh that turns white during cooking

  • Bake, broil, sauté or grill

European chefs highly regard the Gilthead Sea Bream saying it is much like courting a new love, when you delicately prepare it, only its sweetness responds. God’s and chefs alike honored this delicious bream throughout time.

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Beauty, revered the gilthead fish calling it sacred with is golden stripe between the eyes.

Italian chefs call this favored fish the Queen of the Ocean or “La Regina del Mari” as it reigns supreme in their regional seafood cuisine.

We import Gilthead Sea Bream from Greece with its outstanding flavor and versatility. The flesh is rosy and turns white during cooking and is perfect for baking, sautéing or grilling. We highly regard you for selecting this superior seafood for your temple or table.

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