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Nephrops norvegicus

Also known as Scampi (Italy), Langoustine (France), Cigala (Spain), Norway Lobster (US.).

  • Wild caught in Iceland and IQF/ 3 sizes available

  • Sweet Spot Prawn flavor, shrimp like texture, light pink flesh

  • Sauté, bake, grill

Highly ranked on the list of Imperial menus is the crustacean jewel of Europe, the Langoustine. Historically it graced the tables of Antonio Vivaldi in Venice and Duke and Duchess of Denmark. Today this pink orangey-red shellfish jets around at the earnest demand of well-known chefs and royal palates.

As a rule, Langoustines from the coldest waters are generally considered the tastiest, which is why the ones caught off the coast of Iceland are particularly prized.

Exclusive restaurants and royal tables require live langoustine, however this is the most difficult seafood to import alive. So we import the Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Langoustines from the crystal clear waters of Iceland, which are immediately frozen for best flavor retention after harvest.

Cooked, the langoustine looks like shrimp meat but has a sweet, delicate flavor more like a Spot prawn or crab and in Italian cuisine it is especially appreciated for their delicious tail meat.

Now everyone can enjoy the finest Langoustine in the world from Iceland!

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