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Marinated Anchovies

Engraulis encrasicolus

Also known as Boquerones (Spain), Gravatos Marinatos (Greece)

  • Mild, delicious flavor, not salty

  • Delicate white fillets

  • Harvested in North Atlantic

Boquerones, a very popular item in Mediterranean cuisine and the tapas of Spain are deliciously mild white anchovies marinated in white wine vinegar.

Harvested from the pure waters off the coast of Morocco and the Canary Islands where traditional fishermen dot the piers and sing while hauling in baskets of these silver delicacies.

After the harvest, the white anchovies are first hand cleaned and then marinated in white wine vinegar with their skin on for twenty-four hours. After the curing phase, they are packed in light sunflower oil with sea salt.

These deliciously rich Marinated White Anchovies are perfect for tossing into salads, wrapping around olives or capers for appetizers or as a topping with crackers and cheese.

Packed in a plastic container with approximately 125 fillets /700g (drained weight) and perishable; must be refrigerated.

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