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Mediterranean Sea Bass

Dicentrarchus labrax

Also known as Loup de Mer or Bar (France) Branzino or Spigola (Italy), European Sea Bass (US, UK), Lubina (Spain) and Robalo (Portugual).

  • Harvested in Greece

  • Rosy flesh that cooks white, easy to remove bones

  • Bake, sauté, steam or braise

When something is prized, all who wish to gain from it seek it for its desirable qualities. It’s even better when the prize is elusive and the chase is on! So Mediterranean Sea Bass leads the way in this category.

In Ancient Greece, because it was the most difficult fish to catch, it was considered the most intelligent. So today when someone uses the expression “ I caught a Sea Bass” it translates “I hit the jackpot!”

Augustus Caesar, Father of the Roman Empire, was a military genius and an epicurean. The founder and first citizen of Rome served gold platters of the elusive fish to guests at his Coronation, proclaiming the prized fish the smartest one in Rome.

Mediterranean Sea Bass or Loup de Mer is highly prized in French, Italian, Spanish and Greek cuisine for its firm and pure white flesh. It possesses a delicious but delicate flavor and versatile to cook. In our kitchen we bake it whole with olive oil, sea salt and fresh thyme, but this specialty seafood is excellent whether its’ grilled, poached, braised or steamed.

Smart and highly sought after! Sounds like a good catch to us.

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