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Octopus vulgaris

Also known as Poulpe (France), Polpo di scoglio or Moscardino bianco (Italy), & Puplo (Spain), and Polvo (Portugual).

Imported from Spain and Portugal
Firm, white flesh, smooth meaty texture
Broil, grill, or sauté, & served cold
We say, “find intelligent life” wherever you can! And we found it in the Octopus. With eight arms and three hearts located in the head, it’s characterized as highly intelligent over any other order of invertebrates.

Displaying it’s intellect to international audiences around the world, Paul the Octopus from Weymouth, England became famous after he correctly predicted the winner of Germany’s national football team’s seven matches during the FIFA World Cup, as well as the final winner of the Cup – Spain.

How far this clever invertebrate has come! From haunting children’s bedtime stories as the giant Octopus that wraps itself around fisherman and their boats only to swallow them whole to a modern day media darling!

Octopus, commonly found in cuisines prepared in Portugal and around the Mediterranean it’s considered a local delicacy in Galicia; while in the bazaars of Greece they hang like laundry on a clothesline under blue skies.

The delicate meaty texture of the Octopus is sweet and mild in flavor, arising from its steady diet of clams and lobster. We import Octopus year round from Spain and Portugal, because we think it’s intelligent!

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