Red Mullet

Mullus Barbatus

Also known as Rouget Barbet (France), Trigilia (Italy), Salmonete (Spain and Portugual), Barbouni (Greece), Barbunya (Turkey), Sultan Ibrahim (Lebanon).

Wild caught in the Mediterranean
Buttery texture, firm flesh, tastes like shrimp
Pan-fry, deep-fry or grill
Displays of extravagant luxury around Europe and the Mediterranean were never more sensational in Ancient times than the Roman’s fascination with the “bearded” Red Mullet.

Ancient Romans were captivated by its shimmering gold and pink appearance, raising them by hand in the garden ponds at their villas, calling the fish to supper at the sound of a bell. It was the ultimate display of affluence and artisans placed the fish in the center of Roman life on the mosaic walls in the home of their wealthy patrons. When excessive prices were being paid for the luxury fish the Emperor Tiberius threatened to regulate fish prices in the marketplace.

Today, only the savviest of chefs serve this lustrous delicacy; popular in France and of course the modern Mediterranean countries. It is unique in flavor, tasting like shrimp with a buttery texture that makes it highly desirable for grilling and pan or and deep-frying.

We import Red Mullet at non-extravagant prices and pan-fry it in butter and white wine at home just for the luxury of it!

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