Smoked Salmon Tartine with Meyer Lemons

Smoked-Salmon Tartine with Meyer Lemons and Pickled Onions

• Universal Seafood’s Smoked Salmon

• Universal Seafood’s Black Lava Salt

• ½ Medium Red Onions

• 2 Medium Meyer Lemons

• 1 Large Thinly Sliced Tomatoes (optional)

• 1 Bunch of Dill (optional)

• 8 tablespoons Capers (2 tablespoons per tartine)

• 8 tablespoons Cream Cheese (preferably whipped) (2 tablespoons per tartine)

Tartine Bread: It usually works best with a sliced loaf, preferably wheat or rye.


While we absolutely love to eat smoked salmon by itself as a snack, we also wouldn’t mind adding a couple more ingredients to spiff up our smoked delicacy. In one of our recent trips to San Francisco, we couldn’t get enough of these delicious Smoked-Salmon Meyer Lemon Tartines @ the Farmer’s Market. Check out the recipe, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

For the Marinated Onions:
1. Cut half of the red onion into very thin slices.
2. Sprinkle Universal Seafood’s Black Lava Salt onto the red onion slices.
3. Cut the lemon into two halves. Squeeze both halves of the lemon juice onto the red onion.
4. Use your hands or use a fork, to mix the onions with the lemon juice and salt.
5. Let it stand for at least thirty minutes to pickle(the onions will turn pink).

For the Meyer Lemons:
1. For the remaining lemon, cut into thin slices. If using tomatoes in the recipe, slice the tomatoes into thin slices at this time as well.
2. Chop the dill into fine pieces.
3. Sprinkle on top of the thinly sliced Meyer lemons.

To prepare the Tartine:
1. On one slice of bread, spread 2 tablespoons of whipped cream cheese thinly onto the sliced bread.
2. Place two slices of smoked-salmon onto the bread, followed by the (optional) thinly sliced tomatoes.
3. Put the Meyer lemons on top of the tomatoes.
4. Finish with a generous layering of the marinated onions and capers.
5. Enjoy!

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