Universal Seafood


We are stewards of the ocean. At Universal Seafood, we understand that the decisions we make everyday about what we choose to import - impacts the seafood industry as a whole. Farm-Raised fish has become a sustainable option to over-fishing and the increase of worldwide demand. Not only do we support sustainable farming methods, we make it our goal to understand the habitat and life-cycle of a farm-raised fish. Through quality inspections, trained Universal Seafood employees are able to distinguish it's quality.

Supporting sustainable aquaculture, we do not and will not carry Atlantic fish farm-raised in the Pacific - such as Salmon and Ocean Trout. We consider it unnatural and a form of displacement pollution. We’ve established close relationships with suppliers where pre-order is a necessity for a good turnover of products. We can import 2 to 4 shipments a week from anywhere in the world, offering and maintaining the highest quality and most responsible choices available.

Universal Seafood

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