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Psetta Maxima

Also known as Breet or Britt (US), Kalkani (Greece), Rombo (Italy) and Rodaballo (Spain).

Sustainably farmed in Chile & Spain
Firm texture, large flake, mild flavor
Bake, poach, sauté, steam
When making one’s debut, appearance is important, but when you appear, then timing is everything!

Turbot had the luck of timing on its side when it made its international debut in 1867 during the Exposition Universelle in Paris. The Exposition had attracted over nine million visitors from around the world including the Tsars of Russia, Alexander II and III.

The introduction this delicate seafood was an overwhelming success when Chef Dugiere served it to the Imperial guests at his illustrious Parisian café. After dining, the Tsars announced in their native Russian tongue for all to hear that this new dish was nothing less than perfect.

We import the very desirable Turbot from sustainable high tech farms in Chile and Spain. Its gleaming white flesh retains a bright-white appearance when cooked and discerning chefs around the world use the finest recipes and preparations to highlight its delicate flavor.

Looks like your choice of Turbot is perfectly timed!

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