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Wester Ross Salmon

Salmo salar

Also known as Saumon atlantique (France), Salmone (Italy), Salmón (Spain).

Hand reared and sustainably fed, hormone & antibiotic free
Firm texture, deep pink flesh, exceptional buttery salmon flavor
Bake, grill, poach, smoke and suited for premium sushi
Rugged, beautiful, and remote are the qualities that best describe the highlands of Scotland where the very special farms of Wester Ross produce legendary Scottish Salmon.

The legend of Scottish Salmon, and its imprint of good luck on the lives Scotsmen and women, is often dramatically told in Celtic folktales. Its classic image appears everywhere in their culture and art, even the City of Glasgow incorporates the iconic salmon with a gold ring in its mouth in its Coat of Arms for good fortune and protection.

Now it ‘s our good fortune to exclusively distribute Wester Ross Scottish Salmon for the U.S. This superior farmed salmon is hand-reared and fed sustainable fishmeal and treated with uncommon care.

Raised in harmony with the environment without hormones or antibiotics, Wester Ross Scottish Salmon swim freely in the prevailing currents of the clear seas around northwest Scotland.

Because of the people of Wester Ross provide incomparable care to their salmon – the welfare and health of the fish has a direct impact on its taste, texture and quality – producing the finest Salmon in the world.

We are very proud to present to you this exceptional salmon and regale you with tales of its legendary taste!

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